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Message from the President

Nobuo KuroyanagiWelcome to the official website of the Japan Tennis Association (JTA).

JTA is a public-interest incorporated foundation, or a koeki zaidan hojin in Japanese, that supervises and represents the tennis community in Japan. Our primary objectives are to improve the environment for promotion of tennis as a lifelong sport as well as a competitive and spectator sport. Our various activities are intended to contribute to fostering people’s sound mental and physical development and facilitating international friendship.

Becoming a public-interest organization in 2012, JTA has since been upholding its operating principles of “fairness, teamwork and globalism.”

This official website is designed to provide basic information about JTA and its activities to tennis enthusiasts and organizations in Japan and around the world.

We hope many people will visit this website and find it useful in obtaining needed information and understanding what we do to achieve our objectives.

Nobuo Kuroyanagi
Japan Tennis Association



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