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Message from the President

Kenichiro YamanishiWelcome to the official website of the Japan Tennis Association (JTA). I, Kenichiro Yamanishi, would like to announce that I have been appointed as President of the association.

Japan will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020, the JTA will be celebrating its centennial anniversary in March 2022. I am honored to be appointed as president of the JTA at such a memorable time. I am also excited to take on this responsibility during the golden age of tennis in Japan, when we have a number of Japanese players making their presence known on the global stage such as Kei Nishikori and Naomi Osaka, to name a few.

In June, our office will relocate from Kishi Memorial Hall to the Japan Sport Olympic Square, which is being build in front of the new national stadium. The Ariake Tennis Forest Park is in the midst of transforming into a tennis facility with indoor and show courts for the Tokyo 2020 Games. The mid/long-term strategic plan for tennis in Japan, which aims to facilitate expansion of the sport by linking tennis development, junior player nurturing, and player support will kick off this fiscal year. Thus, the JTA activities will enter a new phase from FY2019.

The JTA is a public-interest incorporated foundation, or a koeki zaidan hojin in Japanese, contributing to the physical and mental development of the Japanese people, in addition to international goodwill through the promotion and development of tennis as a lifetime, competitive, and spectator sport. The JTA provides world-class tennis to fans through the Japan Open Tennis Championship and Japan Women's Open, in addition to other tournaments such as the All Japan Tennis Championships, All Japan Veteran Tennis Tournament, All Japan Junior Tennis Championships, and the Japan Tennis League.

Today, integrity in sport, which condemns any behavior that will have damaging effects on the value of sport, must be bolstered in Japan. Following the establishment of the JTA as a public-interest incorporated foundation in April 2012, the JTA has adopted measures to improve governance, ensure total compliance, and secure safety and fair play during matches.

It goes without saying that collaborating with affiliated organizations and other organizations that the JTA is a member of, both inside and outside of Japan, is a must. The JTA will continue to broaden relationships with regional and prefectural associations, whilst improving the overall tennis environment in Japan by holding dialogue and working with cooperative associations such as the Japan Professional Tennis Association, Japan Tennis Industry Association, Japan Ladies Tennis Federation, Japan Tennis Equipment Association, and the All Japan School Tennis Association.

Now, more than ever before, tennis in Japan has garnered a great deal of public attention through press around how the sport benefits our health and the increase of tennis tournaments broadcasted on television. For our friends in the tennis world, the JTA will update our activities and information on tennis in Japan on our website, annual sports, and official SNS accounts.

As President, I will do my best to continue developing and expanding public interest in tennis. I appreciate everyone’s interest and support for our activities.

Kenichiro Yamanishi
Japan Tennis Association
April 1, 2019



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